About The Project

941 Camino Del Mar is a proposed residential and commercial project located at the corner of Camino Del Mar and 10th Street. It will revitalize a blighted site with a vibrant new mixed-use building at the southern entrance to the Village of Del Mar. The project incorporates flexible land uses that can be responsive to market trends and demands, including residential hospitality and commercial uses. This mix of uses will provide a harmonious transition between the surrounding commercial and residential uses.

The building design will incorporate timeless architectural features inspired by the Del Mar community to ensure that it is compatible with existing  development in the surrounding area. This mix of uses – along with patio areas at the corner of 10th Street and Camino Del Mar and along the project frontage – will bring residents and visitors to the area that will support the local business community. Improvements to the streetscape will create an environment that is welcoming to pedestrians.

941 Camino Del Mar

The Project Includes:


An Owners Association and CC&Rs to oversee all condominiums, commercial uses, and common areas.

On-site professional hospitality management to handle day-to-day operations, including managing any rental use of the condominiums.

Six market rate luxury condominiums.


Two affordable condominiums.

Street-facing retail and commercial space on the ground floor.

Concealed parking to accommodate commercial and residential uses.

What is Residential Hospitality?

Residential Hospitality

941 Camino Del Mar includes six luxury condominiums primarily targeted for vacation home ownership. These professionally managed residences and vacation homes will provide concierge service, housekeeping, and other features to ensure that the suites are ready to welcome residents and guests upon arrival. Owners at 941 Camino Del Mar will have options for how their property is operated:

  • Vacation homes that can also be rented when the owner is not in residence;
  • Investment properties that are rented for short or long durations; or
  • Occupied as a full-time residence.

All rentals will be fully controlled and managed by onsite hospitality management.

Project Features

941 Camino Del Mar includes a number of features designed to enhance the community. The project will:

Construct the City’s approved streetscape improvements fronting the project and contribute funds to implementing these improvements in other areas. Improvements include enhanced sidewalks, landscaping and street furniture.

Underground existing utility poles adjacent to the site.

Contribute to a number of off-site projects to enhance the community, including the Del Mar Shores Park Master Plan, Safe Railroad Crossing and Coastal Rail Trail Project, city shuttle system, and public art.

Result in higher tax revenue for the City through increased property taxes and TOT collected from short-term rentals.

Provide several sustainable design features including solar energy and Tier 1 Green Building Standards.

Help meet the demand for hospitality and visitor-serving uses.

Result in a significant aesthetic improvement to the community, transforming a blighted site into a vibrant and active asset at the southern entrance to the Village.

Commercial Vision

A defining feature of 941 Camino Del Mar will be a unique garden shop that integrates food and retail services. The vision is to create a welcoming and attractive venue that reflects the Del Mar lifestyle, enlivens the area, and is compatible with the residential use.

  • The design incorporates large windows open to the street to create a welcoming environment.
  • The space is proposed to include a variety of offerings, including a garden and floral shop, gifts, a gourmet coffee bar, light snacks, wine tasting, and intimate seating areas.
  • This venue will be a new destination for Del Mar that will also be available for special events and private use.